Hello I am Brandon Mollica now you may know me from Isla Sorna Survivaland Brandon's Space News but there actually was an untold story about how we went to war for Mollica Pictures and it went like this.

I was making Isla Sorna Survival 2 (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) when my evil sister Giavana knocked me out with a bat and locked me in a crate with nothing but a pillow a blanket and a contract that said "This Contract states that we will make your movies a lot better but will have total control of Mollica Pictures. Did I mention I am bad at reading contracts but who isn't right? Ok so I had to sign the contract because I was in there for exactly 2 hours. But then I became Giavana's butler and I got mad after 3 days. So I tore up the contract and ran to the roof when my other sister Isabella knocked me off the building luckly I grabbed on to a pipe that saved me then Josephine came and threw stuff at me an dI was knocked off. The I grabbed on to a close line I can't believe they still have those and got on the ground. And the old lady that lives there chased me out if her yard with her cane in her hand saying "Get out of my yard you rotten stalker". So I got all my 101 biggest fans and we formed an army to get Mollica Pictures back. While Giavana's army was 111 we were out numbered by 10. But we still had a war at McDonalds that lasted a while finally I got the chance to turn on the bomb that destroys any HQ its in. But Giavana didn't want me to get there so we had a battle to the death. Giavana was kicking my butt and finally I faked her out and slammed her into the bomb which made Giavana's army H.Q explode and we WON!!!!!!!! So thats the untold story about The Rights of Mollica Pictures.